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Covenants and Contracts

God made a covenant with Noah, Noah's family, Noah's descendants, and every living creature on the ark in Genesis 9. The covenant is presumably to be for all of God's creation from the smallest to the largest. This is only the first of many covenants that God makes with his people.

Covenants are special! Unlike contracts in which the assumption is that there are two equal parties offering exchanges of equal value, covenant assume inequality and no expectation of an equal exchange.

In what is called the Noahic Covenant, God solemnly vows that a flood will never again cover the earth, destroying all flesh. God further places a rainbow in the sky to remind everyone of this everlasting covenant.

Each and every time you see a rainbow in the sky, I pray you will remember that we serve a God who always makes the first move to establish right relationships between God and God's creation. It is God who stands at the door and knocks. It is God who provided the payment for our sins. It is God who steps forward to offer righteousness and holiness. When you see that rainbow, even if it is only a wisp of a thing raise your voice in thanksgiving to the God who comes and who seeks to dwell in us. Amen.

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