• Laura Nordstrom

“The Present Times”

Luke 12: 49-56

Takeaway: There is no time like the present time to be open to God’s cleansing fire of our hearts!

This sermon addresses Jesus’ warning about the coming fire to the entire earth. Jesus’ words do not reflect the tenderhearted guy depicted in portraits of which many are familiar (Jesus crowned with long, brown wavy hair, clothed in a Clorox-white gown, looking peacefully off in the distance!). Many interpretations see his words as a warning of the coming wrath of God of the Left Behind series, where only ‘ true’ Christians will be saved. I though, tend to interpret Jesus’ words as instructions for living in the present times-and less those times of the future. 

My take on today’s scripture is this: being a follow of Christ—a disciple of Christ—means doing the hard work of ‘burning away’ those habits or tendencies in our lives that draw away our focus from God, deaden our hearts to God’s love, and keeps us from experiencing the fiery, cleansing saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

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