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Early? Who Me?

Most know me as a night owl rather than as an early bird. I remember when I first read the words of Psalm 63, my heart skipped a beat when I got to “early will I seek thee.” Indeed, being the person I am, I set my heart and alarm to get up early to pray. It was a disastrous experiment. I was more focused on how sleepy I was than I ever could be on God. I realized as I matured as a Christian that this early is not about mornings but about priorities. What does it mean to prioritize God as the first we seek for advice, for our sense of identity, and help in times of crises? For me it means recognizing my dependence on God as the source of all the good I can offer. It means resting in Him. When everything inside of me says, “You can do it.” I try to remember, “I can do it because God is with me, and God can do it.” You’ve heard my approach to “early seeking.” I would love to hear yours. You can reply right here. Happy Monday, everyone.

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Beverly Kleinsasser Salonen
Beverly Kleinsasser Salonen
Oct 26, 2023

I find when I pray OUTLOUD to God, and give him my troubles, He comes through every time. (I'm sure He would answer if I didn't pray out-loud) 😉 I have conversations with him everyday and by doing that, I feel HIs presence and His guidance. I couldn't do life without Him!

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