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Faith Formation

Paul explains the process of faith formation in the 10th chapter of Romans. God promised that a time would come when the followers of Yahweh would not have to read about how to be followers because the ability to be faith-filled followers would be written within our hearts. Jesus is the word of God. Jesus fulfilled the work written down throughout the Old Testament. Just as our tactile actions write a muscle memory that allows piano players to play without looking at their fingers and runners to run without looking at their feet, the Holy Spirit living in us writes God’s messages within our spirits. We begin believing in God’s message of love and grace. Then, we take steps based on our beliefs. Those beliefs become confidence or faith. The more we “hear” that message written in the scriptures and modeled by Jesus, practiced in our faith communities, the more we understand and the deeper our confidence in the truth of that message (faith). Faith grows because we practice faith by taking steps supported by our faith. I pray whatever steps you take today will steps that strengthen your faith and that by strengthening your faith, you are better able to take the next step and the next. It is a beautiful cycle of life!

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