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Today, I wondered if there was a definition of "light." I found that there is no definitive definition of light beyond being perceptible to the human eye. There are, however, many writings about the ways light affects us. Most only see light for what it does or doesn't provide. Let's take a biblical look at light. Light is the first thing God creates. (Gen 1:1) In the Psalms, light is considered the source of wisdom and being able to walk with God. In John 8, Jesus refers to himself as the "light of the world." In Matthew, Jesus tells the disciples and, by extension, all believers that we are the light of the world. Considering this, what are some possible meanings of light? As followers of Christ, light should be seen not just for what it affects. Light should be recognized as created by God. Beyond this, because of Jesus' statement, light should be experienced as the character of God. As the character of God, it is also the character of those who follow God. Imagine seeing light in its many forms, colors, and intensities. Now, imagine what the world would be like if followers of Jesus acted as if they were light, not to illuminate what is ugly in the world, but to nourish it in the ways the sun does, to bring joy the ways twinkling stars do, or to bring a sense of wonder, in the ways the moon does. What a brighter world we would live in. Enjoy some light this week.

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